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Bring Your Brand To Life With Visually Stunning Animated Logos

With our free animated logo templates you can create memorable, eye-catching logos that bring your brand or website to life. Design a logo that stands out rather than just stands there with our easy-to-use animated logo maker. Great for banner ad animation, gaming logo animation, and wherever you want to grab your audience’s attention!

Move Your Audience With Our Easy To Customize Animated Logo Templates

Our collection of animated text logos features visually stunning effects that help you express more with motion. We also know that you sometimes need more control over your animations. Our free logo animation tool, Animator, has 15+ pre-defined animation styles for you to choose from to create your very own cool animated logo.

To convey a loving recollection of past thoughts check out our animated memories logo. Or if you’re after something sizzling then look to our namesake animated flaming text logo. When you want a logo that’s out of this world, our animated alien glow logo is sure to impress. At FlamingText we have the animated logo that will engage and move your audience ;D